Pray WITH Youth

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Since 2007, thousands of churches in 90+ nations have set aside one Sunday each year to move beyond praying for youth to begin praying with youth. This simple act has resulted in hundreds of thousands of young people discovering their identity in Jesus Christ and finding God’s purpose for their life and their role in the Church. That’s the power of with. Relationships change lives, and this generation is desperate for someone to believe enough in them to invest time in their lives. And praying with youth is the best place to begin.

Join the campaign today and change your church’s future forever!



Powerful. Profound.

Those words best describe the Pray With Youth™ campaign. This global prayer challenge brings congregations together on one day for one purpose: To build intergenerational relationships that release the potential of young people across the globe for Christ and the Church.

Thousands of congregations worldwide have experienced what is best defined as a "catalytic moment" in the lives of their young people by simply choosing to pause and pray with them, not just for them.

The single-syllable prepositionwithmight be the most important lesson Jesus gave. It was his secret sauce for discipleship that unlocked the potential of his young protégés for a lifetime of service.

When your church connects the hearts of young and old to the heart of their Heavenly Father in prayer, identity is discovered, relationships are developed, and youth in ministry are deployed. 

Everything you need to participate in the Pray With Youth™ campaign can be received free of charge by signing the declaration and downloading the materials. 

Pray With Youth™ is not complicated, but it is crucial to your congregation and the future of the Church.

The Global Pray With Youth campaign takes place annually on the third Sunday of September. We do encourage participation at any point within the year that best suits a church's calendar and urge congregations to add the event to their annual schedule and make praying with youth a spiritual discipline.

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