Pray WITH Youth

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Since 2007, thousands of churches in 90+ nations have set aside one Sunday each year to move beyond praying for youth to begin praying with youth. This simple act has resulted in hundreds of thousands of young people discovering their identity in Jesus Christ and finding God’s purpose for their life and their role in the Church. That’s the power of with. Relationships change lives, and this generation is desperate for someone to believe enough in them to invest time in their lives. And praying with youth is the best place to begin.

Join the campaign today and change your church’s future forever!



Moments create momentum. And momentum creates movements.

Since 2007, the global Pray WITH Youth Sunday has been observed by thousands of churches across the world standing in solidarity to communicate to the next generation their significance in the cause of Jesus Christ. This simple act has been the catalyst for congregations to treat young people as co-equals and train them as co-equals in the church—as the Church. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand with the next generation and declare your confidence in God’s calling their lives. Sign the declaration and register your church to participate with faith communities worldwide to Pray WITH Youth and change your church’s future.


  • We believe youth are created for significance and service.

  • We believe youth are under intense cultural pressures.

  • We believe youth are called to mission and ministry.

  • We believe youth are absolutely vital to the life of the Church.

  • We believe youth are essential to the on-going future of the Church.

Therefore, we accept the call to join the Body of Christ and pray with youth for:

  • Their Call: Young people are ready to step-up and accept God’s call and plan for their life.

  • Their Cause: Young people have a path that is theirs to follow and a place in the Church to serve.

  • Their Concerns: Young people have Godly hearts that beat for the needs of others in this world.

  • Their Culture: Young people are on the front lines in their schools and in their communities.

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