Pray WITH Youth

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Since 2007, thousands of churches in 90+ nations have set aside one Sunday each year to move beyond praying for youth to begin praying with youth. This simple act has resulted in hundreds of thousands of young people discovering their identity in Jesus Christ and finding God’s purpose for their life and their role in the Church. That’s the power of with. Relationships change lives, and this generation is desperate for someone to believe enough in them to invest time in their lives. And praying with youth is the best place to begin.

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We have answered some common questions that have been asked about Pray With Youth. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, so please feel free to contact us on issues not addressed below.

  • Why do you think young people really care if adults pray with them?
    This is a generation of promise just waiting for someone to believe in them. There’s nothing more powerful than a trust-building relationship between a caring adult and young person combined with the power of prayer. It says, “You’re important. You’re significant. You’re valuable to me, and I believe in you.” Praying with youth provides youth with exactly what they seek.

  • Do you think young people will fail if an adult doesn’t pray with them?
    We believe God has a plan for young people to transform their world. We believe in His ability to work divinely, but we believe He works most often through relationships.

  • What do you believe will be the practical result of this message on the Church?
    This emerging generation is full of hope but short of examples. They have potential to truly transform the world beginning in their local communities. The problem is that previous generations have not left them a great legacy to build upon. Pray With Youth puts the hope in young people, trusts God to guide them, and challenges the Body of Christ to support their mission. If we can accomplish that, trusting God to use young people as change agents for his kingdom, it was successful.

  • What if that doesn’t happen?
    We may not see multitudes of young people miraculously changed overnight through the Pray With Youth campaign, but it is the start of a systemic change the Church needs. We only have to look at history to see how one person who believes in their identity in Christ and God's calling on their life has made significant changes for good in the world.

  • Why is Pray With Youth designated to one Sunday a year?
    Solidarity is our purpose for choosing the third Sunday in September every year for this campaign. It is powerful for the Church to work in unity with one shared goal; however, we welcome churches to incorporate the event into any Sunday that best meets their unique needs and schedule We also encourage congregations to make praying with youth a habit all year long.

  • Who started Pray With Youth?
    This campaign was birthed in the heart of Timothy Eldred, President and CEO of Endeavor Ministries in 2006. Tim's conviction is to make sure all 1.8 billion young people on the earth have the opportunity to be prayed with to understand their identity as sons and daughters of the Most High God through Jesus Christ. Is it possible? Only by God's grace and the obedience of the Church.

  • Are the additional resources available to purchase?
    The Pray With Youth tools have always been given away freely. Donations are accepted to continue this campaign, create resources, and support church in places in the world where resources are limited. The book that began this campaign, Pray21, is available for purchase at a substantially discounted rate of $2 each for congregations who have signed the declaration and registered to participate in this campaign.


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