Pray WITH Youth

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Since 2007, thousands of churches in 90+ nations have set aside one Sunday each year to move beyond praying for youth to begin praying with youth. This simple act has resulted in hundreds of thousands of young people discovering their identity in Jesus Christ and finding God’s purpose for their life and their role in the Church. That’s the power of with. Relationships change lives, and this generation is desperate for someone to believe enough in them to invest time in their lives. And praying with youth is the best place to begin.

Join the campaign today and change your church’s future forever!



The global challenge to Pray With Youth is supported by many friends throughout the Body of Christ. If you would like to add your name and endorsement of this urgent call, please email your quote today. 

Lives are changed through relationships. Relationships that change lives take time. Can you imagine anything more significant than beginning that journey by praying with youth?
— Timothy Eldred, President and CEO, Endeavor Ministries
Our teens inhabit one of the most challenging mission fields in the world: schools. Praying with them is an essential first step in empowering and unleashing them to reach their generation for Jesus Christ.
— Greg Stier, President | Dare 2 Share
The era of youth ministry being about adults ministering to youth is over. Transcendent youth ministry empowers youth to do ministry. Empowering youth happens best by aligning our hearts, vision, and prayers to theirs as we Pray With Youth.
— Jeremy Del Rio, Executive Director | 20/20 Vision for Schools
I cannot imagine any more significant call to prayer than the Global Pray With Youth Sunday. It is very apparent to me that God is calling young people to the forefront of His amazing worldwide movement of prayer.
— Dave Butts, Chairman | America's National Prayer Committee
Nothing will have the impact on generations more than this simple plan to pray with youth.
— Dr. John M. Perkins, Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development
I am excited to see what God will do in the lives of youth when the church prays with them.
— Josh McDowell, Josh McDowell Ministries
How can studentS model what they have not seen? Praying with students will model for them that prayer matters, and God listens to our prayers. Pray With Youth is a great opportunity to make a kingdom impact.
— Bo Boshers, President | Lead222
Praying with teens could change the church and impact the world.
— Mark Oestreicher, The Youth Cartel
It’s time to realize that young people are not looking for anything more than prayerful encouragement. That is why the Pray With Youth campaign is crucial to the Church.
— Dr. Tony Campolo, EAPA
To pray with youth is an essential part of our calling for all Christian adults.
— Dr. Chap Clark, Fuller Theological Seminary
This is one of the most exciting and important prayer initiatives in the Church today
— Dr. Paul Cedar, Mission America Coalition
I have not seen a better youth ministry resource for bringing youth and adults together.
— Erin Sloan Jackson, Center for Youth Ministry Excellence
Huge fan of this campaign. To take the step from praying for students to praying with them will likely transform how your church believes its call is to young people. It’s not enough to just give them part of us. Praying with them ups the ante so much more.
— Pastor Lars Rood, Bellevue Presbyterian | Seattle
Pray With Youth is the best approach I’ve found to creating intergenerational relationships.
— Pastor Amos Gray, High Impact Ministries
A call to pray with youth is the beginning of a life that will make a difference.
— Dr. Tracy Paino, North Central University
Through this campaign the Church has the opportunity to return to the leading edge of prayer.
— Dr. Barry St. Clair, Reach Out Youth Solutions
If we are disturbed by the quick fix mentality of our culture, then we must slow down and pray with our students and show them they matter. Pray With Youth Sunday is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
— Paul Turner, Disciple Project Ministries
Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do, but it’s even more powerful when we don’t just pray for young people, but literally meet them where they’re at and pray with them. It will show them we love them and take them seriously. Praying with young people will certainly impact their lives and the lives of those around them.
— Rachel Blom, Youth Leaders Academy | Munich
Pray With Youth will be at the forefront of student and church ministry serving the lost!
— EJ Swanson, Souled Out Students
62% of young adults return to church when they sense God calling them back? Prayer is the trigger to that call. Make an investment to see that result by committing to pray with youth.
— Paul Fleischmann, National Network of Youth Ministries
Praying with youth will revolutionize the church. These resources are a tremendous starting point for any church willing to bravely declare and acknowledge that youth are equal partners in advancing the cause of Christ.
— Pastor Rob Townshend, East Lake Community Church
Imagine a younger generation intentionally invited, inspired and entrusted by an older generation to pray. Pray With Youth encourages the Church to put teens in their rightful place — at the center of God’s mission for our world.
— Dr. Ken Castor, Crown College
Praying with youth changes all of us to be more like Christ. It opens our eyes to one another, to what God is up to and ignites us together in joining God’s mission in the world. You can make a difference through this simple and powerful day!
— Dr. Brian Hull, Asbury University
It’s time for the youth of the nations to take their place and stand in Jesus’ Name. But first we must stand with them in prayer, with integrity, courage, and grace. And September 22nd that is what we will do; we stand behind them, pass on the baton and say “Go! Run your race. Run it faster than I have. Run it stronger than I have. Run further, run longer. Go, in the name of the Lord!” It’s time. The revolution is coming.
— Vikki Shacklady, Revolution Conference | Liverpool
More than ever, our students in this generation need your support. The Pray WITH Youth campaign is opening the door to intergenerational connections through prayer. You should be a part of this movement.
— Jeff Eckart, Director of Claim Your Campus
I have seen a revolution in our Italian churches as a result of adults and youth praying together. You should join the Pray With Youth movement and experience what I am talking about!
— Guy Sottile, Italy for Christ | Rome
Spiritual awakening often begins when young men and women get on their knees to pray and then take action as God stirs their hearts. That’s why I highly endorse Pray With Youth. I can’t think of a better investment than joining with students in our communities and churches to pray.
— Chuck Klein, Executive Director | Campus Alliance

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